Monday, August 27, 2012

Good Looking Boats...

We splash and tested my boat, going to make a couple changes.  She needs the bottom stiffined a bit... I think we will add a 4/4" X 3" keelson.  This will help with tracking also...her bow likes to blow around when its windy.

...and what a "Shellfish Bastard" it is!

Heres Ricks boat "Shellfish Bastard" with a very nice paint job applied!  Hopefully we can get it rigged and in the water this week.
Looks like a glass boat fresh out of the mold!

Friday, August 24, 2012

One in the water..."Shellfish Bastard" getting painted...

Well I finally got back on it and got over the sanding and faring hurdle...I think you can build a Diablo in a few days but it takes me months to get the motivation to pick up a piece of sandpaper! 
I went with the utilitarian approach, I think Phil would approve...
I painted with Interlux Bilgecote cut with brushing primer right over the epoxy.  Priced at $23.00 per qrt.  I didn't have a problem shelling out 50 bucks for my paint job.  It came out pretty good, I want to use this boat so a yacht type finish would have been annoying.  Rick on the other hand is a finish guy! He faired and sanded his Diablo with gusto and will end up with a "Yacht" finish. (if he is ever satisfied enough to launch it! :)
Here I have dragged it out to flip it over. (never anyone around when theres lifting to be done)
At this point I have plenty of fitting out to do...cleats, wiring, seats etc...
But that can wait, I need to splash it!  I tossed the engine on and surprise-surprise after some fussing it runs!
Here you can see our console design...offset and the wheel height higher then normal to allow operation from center seat, right seat or standing, it also keeps the flat part of the floor open for easy moving around.
Rigging took another hour and I was ready for a seatrial....

 The maiden voyage went very well.  Here are my thoughts!
  • 10hp is fine 25hp is overkill so my 30hp is just right! 
  • I need to stiffen the bottom, gonna add a 1"x4" keelson (remember I changed the interior...If I where to build another I would do a 3/4" bottom panel)
  • Didn't add the chine strakes far see no reason too?
  • Everyone says how unstable this design is...BS! I have no problem walking around on the forward casting platform.  There is a feeling of initial instability but the form stability is amazing as you move outboard.
  • Great design! Easy build! You'll end up with a very practical boat!
More pics to come!