Thursday, November 29, 2012

Winter Cab for Bolger Diablo

I always wanted to build a lift off cab for a small powerboat to extend the season.  I couldn't waste another Sunday watching football  (thank you Andy Reid) so I got started.  My idea was to make something light and easy to take off, completely enclosed with good solar gain and built using mostly scraps on hand.  The first cocktail napkin had a big hatch/companionway forward so I could stand at the helm and still run the boat.  The interior I designed for my Diablo lends itself to this as I had no middle seat, just a big "hold" and casting platform forward.   However, I soon realized it would be more complicated and difficult to make it watertight, back to the napkin....Once I mocked it up I really like the front door and I did away with the hatch. I used left over cypress siding strips from our house build and had to buy one sheet of 1/4" fir A/B plywood.  Not wanting to get sticky I built it conventional with wood glue cleats and screws...avoiding the epoxy.  I used hard plastic window material that the good canvas guys use for the clear bits, made a door hinge with a couple layers of white duct tape, and a back enclosure out of used Sunbrella from an old trawlers awning. 

The results are much better then I could have hoped for having only parted with a couple evenings, one Sunday and 50 bucks.

I have had it out on a sunny 40 degree day and even at 20kts its toasty, the side windows slide open for photo ops.  Two quick release latches hold it in place and its light enough I can lift it off easily by myself.

Saturdays looking nice I plan on making the 12 mile run to Chestertown farmers driving the minivan.